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 Fastest Game: Rules (optional)

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Fastest Game: Rules (optional)	 Empty
PostSubject: Fastest Game: Rules (optional)    Fastest Game: Rules (optional)	 EmptyTue 17 Jan 2012, 20:13


1 The player have to play with an opponent, game with Computer is not valid
2 Fastest 10 games will be in the Top 10 Fastest games
3 To recognize your game as official for this challenge you have to:

- Play game without using guide and allow others to watch
- Make a Screenshot at the end of the game
- One witness, your opponent can´t be the witness and the witness can´t be from your country or from your team
- Write a post with all requested data in the topic.

How to write a post? For example:

I am Forum Owner
My id is: ........
I want to submit my game to this chalenge.
I have played with The King (ID:.........)
And the witness is Kasanova (ID: ............)
I added a screenshot to the post.

Hi i am Kasanova ID: ............
I am a witness of the game of Forum owner Vs The king I confrim the game results.
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Fastest Game: Rules (optional)
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